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for the bay area. the rainfall to the north. through california and oregon and a notice on your screen at the specs of blue. indicating snowfall. and just how cold it this system is coming down. let us take a look at the rainfall the futurecast. pressing towards the north bay. fairfield, antioch, and some heavier cells near petaluma, vallejo. and along the san mateo coast. some of lingering showers possible for your morning commute. with rainfall that could continue for the early afternoon. mostly dry but we were showers especially near the coast. as for temperatures? chilly. 49 in daly city. 50s in pleasanton and it is only going to get colder. we will take a look of those towns coming up in just a bit. >>pam: some contra costa county residents are losing their local fire stations. it is all because of a tax measure voters did *not pass in november. tonight - grant lodes is standing by to show us which areas are impacted. but first - justine waldman is live at a county meeting -- where some harsh decisions were made today. justine? enoug >> the board meeting is still happening. and i
. >> there are confirmed dead >>pam: it happened just a few hours ago in a shopping mall outside portland, oregon. the suspect described as >> a slender young white man in black wearing a hockey mask >>pam: we have been following this developing story out of oregon. multiple victims were shot this afternoon at a portland area shopping mall. three people are dead. including the gunman. kron4's grant lodes is standing by with the latest. grant? >> police arrest multiplthe mano kill to to people in the food court near we are waiting a news conference in calamuclackamas -- clackamas, right outside of portland oregon and in the meantime hundreds of people were in that shopping mall when this happened. this is what it sounded like from their point of view. >> i was shopping in macy's. and i was in the shoe department. a slender, young white man was wearing a hockey mask. just a plain white hockey mask came jogging through the macy's coming towards the public area. he was holding an assault rifle in full view. running through. and once he got towards the publiarea wed i heard people and running and i sa
is going to lose. ♪ >>> continuing to follow the deadly mall shooting in oregon. the gunman is described as a white young male. the police have not released specifics about the man's identification. he apparently killed himself after killing two people and wounding a third victim critically. authorities say law enforcement who flooded the clackamas town center mall in response to the shooting did not fire any shots but were able to respond quickly. >> reporter: a festive holiday shopping atmosphere shattered by violence. a gunman opened fire inside the clackamas town center mall near portland, oregon, tuesday afternoon. >> the shouts were loud and really scary. >> i heard three. when i saw people ran, i knew it wasn't a joke. >> everyone started everyone away from the entrance of the sears and closing down and locking the doors. >> reporter: the mall went into lockdown. dozens of officers arrived on scene. an army of emergency vehicles lined up outside to wait. >> we're set up to treat them. >> reporter: officers searched for victims and those too afraid to come out. >> we know of seve
the woman who raised the suspected gunman at a mall in oregon. >>> scary moments in san francisco's twin peaks neighborhood. a driver was trying to back out of a parking space but hit the accelerate by mistake, sending the car flying 40 feet over the embankment. >> i didn't think it was possible. it looked like he hit the gas, and then it just went over the cliff! and i thought they were gone. i jumped out the car and went to see if they were okay. they were climbing out the car one by one. that never happens! >> i've lived here my whole life, i've never seen nobody fly over the curb like that. >> the family in the car didn't want to talk about this on camera. and their attention was focused on the toe truck operators bring the car back up. >> it's going to be very cold in the overnight hours. all the details coming up. >> later in this broadcast, arguably the no. 1 free agent on the market says i'm coming west and it's bad news for oakland a's fans! oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the bre
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keeping in mind for the most part we will be dry for today. you can see and parts of oregon they're getting snow. seattle is also reporting a dusting of snow this morning. >> winter weather advisory until noon today. get ready for the cold with the frost advisory. the surge to more morning until 8:00. you concede a frost advisory and the shoreline communities and also the interior eastern make communities. what this basically means is that it will be really cold. we're talking low 20's and 30's the mob. if you have plans, bring them and otherwise complete damage. future cast shows a crowd clouds and increasing tomorrow evening. the north bay along the coast we will see some snow. also some rain moving in. wednesday night in north bay and thursday early morning we will see some of the rain spelling and very the of indicates moderate to heavy rain. come thursday or friday there is a lot more moisture with the system. highs for today i several degrees below the average high of mid to upper 50s. downtown san francisco's only 52 of the mid-50s them until 5351 for vallejo. lsi will see
are dead after a tour bus lost control and crashed down an embankment near pendleton, oregon. >> this total from oregon state police shows that emergency vehicles responding to the same. >> police said the driver hit a patch of ice and crashed through a guard rail. >> the crash also injured about 20 other people. >> rescue cues use roads to help get people back up to the interstate. >> there were about 40 people on board the charter bus at the time. >> more than two weeks after the new town, conn. shooting rampage, adam lanzas body has been claimed for burial. >> that is according to the new york times. >> although it is still unclear who took him. >> on december 14th, laanza shot and killed 26 people, including toni20 children at said in an elementary school before committing suicide. >> before the massacre he killed his mother at home. >> thousand the first responders gathered to remember comrade killed a the line of duty is quantifier and upstate new york. >> the cascabel the body of volunteer firefighters and police lt. michael ch iapperini . >> the 430 was one of two firefighters gun d
information today after two people and eight gunmen were killed in a mall shooting near portland, oregon. police and witnesses say that the gunman was wearing a mask, camouflage clothing and a bulletproof vest when he opened fire yesterday afternoon at c lackamas town center, one of oregon's the biggest and busiest malls. along with the three deaths, another person is in critical condition. police say they have tentatively identified the shooter, but they have not release his name. no word yet on the mode of. >> apple has begun the early stages of television set testing. that is the word from the wall street journal this morning. foxconn is collaborating with the tech giant to test designs for a large-screen, high- resolution tv. sources say that apple has been testing television sets prototypes for a number of years. >> netflix says that they have learned which enemas service providers is the fastest. they did this by attracting subscribers download speeds. netflix ranked google fiber as the speedy its internet connection in the u.s., with average download speeds of 2.5 mb per second.
and crashed down an embankment near pendleton oregon. the photo from the oregon state police as emergency vehicles responding to the scene. police said the driver hit a patch of ice and crashed through a guard rail. the crash also injured about 20 other people and rescue crews used ropes to help get people back on the interstate. they're about 40 people on board a chartered bus at the time. a judge ordered a psychiatric exam for the woman accused of pushing a man to his death in front of a new york city subway train. prosecutors said in a week and a court hearing that they're cut men and has pushed the man because she thought " it would be cool " and also blamed muslims for the september 11th attacks. friends of the victims a 46 year-old sunando sen was a hindu from india. more than two weeks after the new town conn shooting rampage adam lanza body has been claimed for burial. that is according to new york times. the paper was not able to learn from the state medical examiner who took him. on december 14th, lands a shot and killed 26 people including 20 children at sandy hook elementary s
an embankment near pendleton, oregon. this photo from oregon state police shows the emergency vehicles responding to the scene this morning. police say the driver hit a patch of ice and crashed through a guardrail. the crash also injured about 20 other people. rescue crews used ropes to help get people back up to the interstate. there were about 40 people on board the charter bus at thousands of first responders gathered today to remember a comrade killed in the line of duty responding to a fire in upstate new york. the casket held the body of volunteer firefighter and police lieutenant michael chiapperini. the 43 year old was one of two firefighters gunned down, police say by an ex- con who deliberately set his house on fire to lure fire crews into a deadly ambush. each law enforcement officer passed by lieutenant chiapperini's casket. the funeral for 19 year old volunteer firefighter tomasz kaczowka is scheduled for tomorrow. >>> 2012 is drawing to a close. and tonight kron4 is looking back at the stories what that story -- tonight at eight-30. but first, the new year, usually means
shoppers ran for their lives tuesday at when a gunman started shooting at a mall near portland, oregon. three people were dead included the gunman. natisha lance has the story. >> shoppers ran for cover as a mass gunmen opened fire in a food court outside of macy's. >> the shoppers were loud and scary. >> the county sheriff's office said the gunmen killed two people and wounded another. before taking his own life. >> we have tentatively identified the shooter at this time. we will not release his name or any other in formation of the then he is an adult male. we have 100 percent confirmed his identity. >> the mall santa was visiting with children when the shots rang out. >> i heard two shots and after that i heard about 15 or 16 more. i decided was gunshot i hit the floor. >> this man was at the mall apply for a job when customers came running into people were hiding behind counters. one lady went to the middle of sear. s >> shoppers were told to keep their hands in the air. outside of the mall police talk to shoppers to piece together what happened. >> if you did 10 people saw the sa
south of the oregon border. >> a spokesperson with the california department of forestry and fire protection's as a number of people have suffered minor to moderate injuries in a series of crashes that started around 630 last night. >> those accidents dressed for nearly a mile along the northbound side of the freeway. >> no word yet on what caused the call-up or when the interest they will be 03 opened. >> authorities said icy roads may have been a factor. >> a security guard is recovering this morning after the building where he was working on fire. >> fire broke out around 1215 this morning of a 900 block of railroad avenue in east oakland. >> authorities said the fire began in a pickup truck. >> the finest and spread to a commercial building nearby. >> to cause the fire remains under investigation and no suspects are in custody. >> a lockdown at san jose city college's been lifted after officers and several hours searching the campus for a reported gunmen. >> is a video from the abc sky seven h d of the scene. >> the campus was locked down route 430 yesterday afternoon after sc
's shooting in oregon were released today. >> the suspect was here. i've got multiple shell casings, another unknown victim east of these. >> in the macy's, the gun jammed, and there's a mag out here fully loaded. he fired about 10-15 rounds out here and then the gun jammed on him. >> that was video from a shopper caught in the shooting. the shooting left three people dead including the gunman, identified as jacob tyler roberts. the sheriff says that roberts appeared to have acted alone. no motive has been identified. people who know jacob say they're stunned he did this. he is described by them as a person who was very loved, popular and outgoing. he recently stole an ar-15 assault rifle from an acquaintance used in this incident. his former girlfriend told abc he recently sold all of his belongings and was planning to move to hawaii. but he missed his flight last weekend because he got drunk. today a friend of the suspect's family gave a portland television station a hand-written note that says in part "she is very sad and wants everyone to know that she is so sorry that jake did this. it
the connecticut school tragedy. and days after the deadly mall shooting in oregon. we will have more on the connecticut tragedy, not after this. >> one of the children who did not come home from school in newtown, connecticut - six her father - robbie parker - wanted to let others know about the little girl he lost to a gunman. and he talked of.forgiveness. >> my family is one of the family's lost a child in yesterday in the sandy hook elementary tragedy. i have been contacted by so many people in the agency's wanting to know how we are doing. and i thought that this would be the best way to share those feelings with everybody. first of all, i would like to offer of work deep condolences to all the families that are directly affected by this tragedy. it is a horrific tragedy and we want to know that our hearts and prayers go out to them. this includes the family of the shooter. family was bright, creative and very loving. she was willing to try new things, other than food. she loved to use her talents to touch the lives of others with an exceptional artist and. around her markers and
and ways to connect. rethink possible. >>> this just in, interstate five near the oregon border is closed after a 60-car pile-up. the california department of forestry and fire protection says a number of people suffered minor to moderate injuries in a series of crashes that started about 6:30 this evening. the crash stretched for nearly a mile. police do not know the exact number of people injured or what caused the pile-up. >>> the national rifle association is finally breaking its silence four days after the connecticut school massacre. the guns right organization making its first public statement today after a self-imposed media blackout. in a statement "shocked saddened and heartbroken by news of the horrific and senseless murders. " the organization is pledging to make sure "this never happens again." >>> weapon sales have been skyrocketing after calls for stricter gun control laws have gone out. >> reporter: the owner of this gun shop behind me tells me that he believes there's two reasons people have been buying guns. the first is that the laws could be changing, and that concern
be stolen puppy--- oregon humane society is now home with his rightful owners. chris woodward tells us how social media may have played a role in his return. >> back in the arms, there's no idea what he has been true. >> i was excited. >> moments, they got to be able to see him for the first time since he was stolen. >> he is and my arms again. >> they were here to adopt >> they said that he was gone. >> b'nai put it th -- but they t that when they realized that there was a " hot puppy they were eager to return it. >> there were not able to wait to give them the news. >> for all that he has been too, that little puppy is exhausted but will probably never know how special he is. >> what a great christmas. >> that was chris woodward the oregon humane society says, so far, no arrests have been made. >> jacqueline: during fall temperatures overnight, we will see areas of a frost in those locations. also a cold start with the increase in cloud coverage. let us take a look at the satellite and radar. the rain has come to one and with showers and lingering flurries. drier conditions expected toni
this week, this shopping mall outside of portland, oregon. we heard from an emotional president obama and this is not the time for a full discussion about gun control is such a political hot button. we are asking michael yaki. what does this have to happen? when this nation will finally say that this is enough? >> many times when this nation has said that this is enough after the 20 07 massacre. the sheid temple and kabi giffords was nearly killed -- gabrielle giffords was nearly killed in arizona. congress had an opportunity then and did they let it expire. >>pam: that is a very important point. the assault weapons ban was the hallmark of legislation by our own, dianne feinstein. it was allowed to pass without being reconsidered what has to happen now? >> this tragedy. today is a day of mourning. however, the door is open today about taking meaningful action. that is a code word about thinking about gun control. he tried not to raise debt about the debate. and finally came to surface all along the third debate. >> please explain the po the nae association a. the nra, the organization
in oregon. >> the coast guard is working to clean up an oil spill leaking into a new york city strait. an oil tanker is leaking more than 100-thousand gallons of oil just off of staten island. crew members on the barge noticed the leak, and contacted an oil clean-up company to help in the efforts. waterways remain open as they clean-up the mess. boaters in the area are urged to take caution in the meantime. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend. a mother whose son was in the classroom with the shooter in connecticut talks about the moment she learned about the shooting. and as we go to break. here are some of the names of the victims from friday's tragedy. (music) >> the parents of a six- year-old student who witnessed friday's massacre describe how their son is doing. the little boy was in the classroom with the shooter. he was able to escape the room and run to safety. the boy's teacher was vicki soto. she died in the classroom protecting her students from the gunfire. the boy's mother recalls the moments before she knew whether her son was okay. >> when you are standing there waiting
the state of oregon. >> it is amazing, to see the distance and the difference- between both teams. (music) >> reporter: this helps fight hunger at at&t park alecia reed, kron 4 news . a new york woman has been charged with a hate crime for allegedly pushing a man to his death in front of a subway train. >>> police say the surveillance video they released helped find erika menendez. the queens district attorney says menendez implicated herself in thursday's crime. he says she also professed hatred toward muslims and hindus. witnesses to the death say they saw a woman pacing the elevated platform and muttering to herself just before she pushed her victim. this was the second time this month someone was shoved to their death in front of a train. >>> 8: 22 hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of germa
of a weather system that as well to the north. from the pacific northwest, washington, oregon and there is the snowfall. it is well to the north. temperatures for tomorrow will be the coolest in the north bay. also for the east bay 40's with mid upper 40's by the bay. by this time tomorrow kimberly nice. sunshine, 67 degrees it-really nice. fremont, mid-60s. and concord, danville, 66. 60s year the bay. i think everybody is in the 60s tomorrow. vallejo, 64. your kron 4 7 day around the bay dry and mild persists on monday and tuesday. things will change but a system on wednesday that will premiere rainfall and those showers continue. the big story with this system will be cooler temperatures. and even some cooling by this weekend. the in theaters this weekend, bill murray shows a different side of one of our most famous presidents, and eric bana in a casino heist gone wrong. nick valencia has a preview of the new releases in this week's now showing. the warriors are on the road looking to continue their hot streak. coming up. highlights of their game tonight against the washingt
. the snow off to the organ is a weather system that is where bring it is off the gulf of alaska. and- oregon as we go towards the latter part of the week and the weekend temperatures will be in the 50s. here is how it is shaping up by tomorrow with sunshine and mild temperatures. a another great day. tuesday starts off well but increase with clouds as the storm system gets closer. rain for wednesday and it could be light/moderate with colder temperatures. possibly snowfall at the higher elevations. i will let you know more about the weather, coming up from this week. >> surveillance from two women say orange county, but gets new tonight at eight. surveillance pictures of two women police say are using a stolen credit card from sausalito. the two women were recorded by two seperate security october 31st. the they were last seen at the east blithedale c-v-s store and at the chevron on redwood frontage road. gabe slate tech report >> the technology that we have seen in these cars are usually only and high-end luxury cars. however, not with ford. they are building in the summer release sophistic
shooting near portland oregon. police and witnesses said the gunman was wearing a mask, camouflage clothing and a bulletproof vest when he opened fire yesterday afternoon at claque amassed town center at one of organs biggest and busiest malls. along with the three dozen other persons in critical condition. there is 7000 shoppers and several dozen employees in the mall at the time. police say the attentively and identified the suitor but i'm not release his name. there's no word yet on motive. 6 05 is the time it coming up apple wants to make its place in your living room. we have this go on a new product they say works right now. and number of bay area companies have bragging rights this morning. we will learn which one is rated the number one place to work in 2013. same-day shipping by the united states post office, only in san francisco. we will have details coming up. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. th
this morning on the deadly mall shooting near portland oregon. the masked gunmen who opened fire 22 year-old jacob tyler roberts appears that acted alone and a random rampage. he recently quit his job, sold all his belongings and told friends he was moving to light. here's video from the scene. we also learned that roberts used a semi-automatic rifle that he stole the day before the shooting from someone he knew. he killed two people and wounded a third before he took his own life. investors raiders say robert's had no significant criminal history. police have arrested >> police have arrested three people in connection with the fatal stabbing a 17 year-old former football star at justice afoa. apollo was stabbed to death and two years ago near the intersection of cedar boulevard and first street in new york. it was a defensive lineman and work memorial high school. nor police and arrested 19 year- old daniela guzman, 31 year- old daniel howard and 32 year-old rafael tow bar on suspicion of murder. police say investigators obtained confessions from two of the suspects to a knowledge of fa
have snow in oregon and seattle. we will see cool air makes and with the moisture subfreezing snows toward ukiah as well as wednesday night in the bay area along the coast. you'll see some rain are arriving in the yellow indicating more heavy rain. susan four is expected in the north bay from tuesday to friday. 52 in downtown san francisco 55 in oakland lower 50s for napa of redwood city 53 pleasanton is topping out at around 53 degrees. 7 day around the bay partly cloudy generally for today. some are all you want the heavy- duty winter coat. it will be a very cold morning tomorrow. lots of sunshine for wednesday and then thursday at thursday and friday come the clowns. also breezy conditions so make sure you have your decorations secured. the time is 652 and here is george with your traffic. >> we're seeing slower traffic as we start to move closer to 7:00. no major incidents have spots or slow down. we will start at the san mateo bridge with the westbound commute. and the ride looks good eastbound and westbound. your commute to the golden gate bridge 1 01 cell slum here is still a
the clouds are to the or the less impact in washington and oregon. you can already see some cloudy conditions for northern california and eureka. late tonight and tomorrow and then comes the rain. these are cast four at 8:00, there is not a lot of rain tonight. there's a slight chance there may be some rain by early thursday morning. thursday afternoon the clouds of fell in a little more for the afternoon. the models are holding off on the timing, we thought there's a there may be some widespread rain. i don't think it will happen until after friday. the yellow is the more moderate to heavy rain so we will start to see the rain pick up late thursday into friday. definitely get ready for some wet weather over the next couple of days. highs for today temperatures making it into the fifties. 53 for downtown san francisco 53 for san mateo and the work that these were the east bay and be no. 8 ford santa rosa. 7 day around the bay thursday, friday cloudy and wet. reconditions and friday will be more wet than thursday. we're looking at unsettled conditions. saturday and sunday showers are possible.
. >> it is a great game. and we came from oregon. >> -- cove doubles. (marching band songs) >> the are going to fight hunger claim the kraft. kron 4's team coverage on the kraft fight hunger bowl continues with kron 4's mike pelton. he caught up with fans of each team as they prepared for the game. when everyone was still in good spirits. >> reporter: hundreds packed the parking lots. between the navy and arizona. >> we brought salmon, orders and profits. the most tense and lots of food, he is ready with a we brought- tents... brats and burgers and he took the drive that was 11 hours. >> it is exciting. >> displayed at at&t park brought people from across the country. >> i am a big baseball fan and i have always wanted to be here. i would but did not expect a football game at a baseball park. >> they did not take long to see the difference between the teams on and off the field. >> differently a contrast. perhaps we envy their life style maybe they do not envy or lifestyle. >> we cannot hate the military academy. >> how does this tell kate, the mid-ship mend tail gate? >> we tell gate, sobsober. tail
and crashed down an embankment near pendleton, oregon. >> this total from oregon state police shows the emergency vehicles responding to the scene. >> police said the driver hit a patch of ice and crashed to the guard well. >> for the crash also injured about 20 other people. >> rescue crews used ropes to help get people back up to the interstate. there were about 40 people on board the charter bus at the time of the crash. >> a judge has ordered a psychiatric exam for the one accused of pushing a man to his death in front of the new york city subway train. >> prosecutors said in a weakened court hearing that era come and invest pushed the man because she thought " it would be cold and also blamed the muslims for the september 11th attacks. >> friends of the victims say 46 year-old sunando sen was a hindu from india. >> thousand than two weeks after the newtown, conn. shooting rampage, adam lanza by his mclean for burial.been claimed >> that is according to the new york times. >> the paper was not able to learn from the state medical examiner who took him. on december 14th, he shot
of this storm is relatively stagnant. you can see plenty of rainfall through washington and the border of oregon. the tail and is extending well offshore. extensive rainfall than our last system. let us take a look at futurecast. the rainfall for the north they will remain concentrated. and still, by 5:00 p.m. is when we will notice by friday morning. moderate/heavy. still, pressing to the in golden gate by 10:00 a.m. even a bit more fragmented in the afternoon a look at your rainfall headlines. nearly 2 in. of rainfall in the north bay. it is largely going to be concentrated in the north bay. with weather advisory and wind advisories along the peninsula and the east bay shores. by 4:00 a.m., 55 m.p.h.! we could even see snowfall and the sierras. breezy to mar but nearly 1-feet at the lake level. two-feet odifferent elevations. with a series of systems. windy conditions and a saturday morning and sunday the good news is that your christmas holiday will stay dry. and to some new snowfall sierra at tahoe, a 65 in. base. with 1 in. of new snowfall at squaw valley.
gathered in california on a ranch on the southern oregon coast. the project supposed to be the start of a campaign to establish some of the world's fastest growing trees around the globe to compaq--combat global warming. >> detroit mayor dave bing has settled the betti lost in san francisco mayor ed lee over the world series. the mayor has agreed upon a day of service performed in the winner city as well as a tour of some businesses there. yesterday's be brought back into the offices of twitter as well as green start, a design studio for digital clean tech startups. they ended their day at at&t park, where the mayor met with members of junior giants youth programs. being returned to detroit today. >> nasa's long-running voyager 1 spacecraft, has entered a new region at the edge of the solar system. and as close to existing debt as exiting it for ever. scientists have dubbed this region the magnetic highway and it is the last of the for interstellar space or the space between stars. the findings were presented yesterday at a meeting in san francisco. the findings --voyager 1 and its t
will talk about that more and a bit. >> also coming up new details of a portland oregon mall shooting and three people are dead. what we now know about the gunman. a suspected armed robbery takes place on a wild ride through los angeles streets. also cleared of the jurors brought on several inches of fresh snow at heavenly snow resort. we will have details and your full weather forecast coming up. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed opt
in portland, oregon or a temple in wisconsin or a movie theater said. a very emotional these are our neighborhoods and these are our children we are going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this. regardless of the politics. >> a very emotional president. the white house said president obama supports the reinstatement of a federal ban on assault weapons. the ban expired in 2004, so there are now just restrictions on assault weapons, such as limited bullet capacity. enoug >> in a heated interview on piers morgan we hear more details of the massacre. as gun advocate john r. lott, junior says banning guns is not the answer to the rash of shooting massacres over the past few years or the rampage at sandy hook. let's take a listen. >> piers morgan: he fired over 100 rounds in several minutes. with this apparently harmless assault rifle >> lott: i never said guns were harmless. guns make it easy >> piers morgan: you just said it's just an average old gun. pm: he fired over 100 rounds and he killed 20 children, 20 children between 5 to 10. at w
in that shooting. barton is part of a campaign that's urging lawmakers to stop gun violence. the aurora, oregon mall and connecticut school shootings have people all around the country talking about gun control. there are still those out there who support their second amendment right. for more on how some gun enthusiasts are dealing with the recent shootings we the rush started soon after the clackamas mall shooting, but the massive lines formed just hours after friday's school massacre in connecticut. >> "yesterday was the biggest day we've ever done in 20 years. today will probably eclipse that." >>reporter: local gun stores are so busy, state background checks that usually take 15 minutes. now have customers waiting four hours. even so, gun buyers like brett eyman are more than willing to wait. he's buying a semi-automatic rifle because he believes his right to buy one may soon be going away. >> "i believe it's going to be coming to an end in the next year." >> "the guns we're seeing in our communities have nothing to do with hunting, they have to do with killing people and we have to get re
on a train. >> new details this morning on the shooting in a mall near portland, oregon. police said the masked gunmen opened fire identified as 22 year-old jacob tell robbers appeared that act alone in the random rampage. >> we also have learned that roberts used a semi- automatic rifle that he stole the day before the shooting from someone he knew. robbers killed two people and with the third before he took his own life. >> investigators say roberts had a significant criminal history. >> police have arrested three people in connection with the fatal shooting of a 17 year old former football star justice afoa . he was stabbed to death two years ago near the intersection of cedar boulevard in birch st. in newark . he was a defensive lineman at newark memorial high school. daniel howard and 32 year old rafeal to var on suspicion of murder. police investigators obtained confessions from the two suspect with knowledge that the victim was their intended target. >> we are really watching 101 south bound in redwood city. a multicar accident all lanes are blocked. that is our new hot spot w
be reached. >>catherine: pthere's some new information about the shooting inside a mall near portland, oregon this week. but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. while the motive remains a mystery we now know a lot more about the victims. >> "always gave me stuff and everybody else, put everybody before her" >> this is the step-son of 54-year-old cindy yuille. she was one of two people killed when shots rang out. a co-worker finds it difficult making sense of such a senseless tragedy. >> "cindy was an amazing hospice nurse. she spent her life helping other people transition to the end of life and cindy yuille's family never got to say goodbye." "he's just a wonderful, wonderful man." >>catherine: a friend and colleague of the other person killed, 45 year old steve forsyth describes him as a loving husband and father of two. >> "our family is hurting from losing a great person and our heart goes out to carla and their two children." >> we're also learning more about the man authorities say ambushed shoppers before taking his own life. detectives say 22 year old jacob roberts wore a h
oregon state representative says people at schools should be taught to use guns in times of crisis. >> "but, people who are trained and who will be armed and when the first shot is fired on the next campus, they can respond and meet lethal force with lethal force." >>reporter: an abc news/ washington post poll released today has given an indication that more people are ready to support gun control laws. 44-percent of those polled strongly support stricter gun laws. with 32 percent opposed. >> we are asking on facebook if stricter laws are needed. >>catherine: police and community members have been working to get guns off bay area streets. over the weekend -- a record six-hundred guns in san francisco and oakland were turned in, during buy-back programs. kron 4's j.r. stone has more. >> revolvers, pistols, you name it, and it is likely that the oakland police department has collected over the weekend. between a gun buyback in oakland, san francisco, 600 were taken off the streets. 300 from oakland, too watered 96 from san francisco. that person we've received $200. and there were-29
arrived. they raised a ladder - and got him down safely. >> some missing hikers have been found on oregon's mount hood. they were out on snow- shoes.and are in good condition tonight. they survived by staying in a warming shelter. the two women and one man called 911 from a cell phone sunday, after getting lost while trying to reach a cabin. >> and a beautiful evening for this christmas eve. some high clouds streaming in and yet another storm system in the pacific headed our way. mostly clear skies and we will see an increasing clouds as we get into the overnight hours for tonight. there are going to be cloudy skies. buttering should hold out until the afternoon but it could increase by the evening. ohere is futurecast by 10:00 a.m., we are trying and some spotty showers beginning to show up to the north and to the west. near santa rosa, the band of rainfall. by 2:00 p.m., light north of the golden gate. marin county, sonoma county but the rainfall will press for the bay area. by 5:00 p.m., steady, light/moderate. this will not be as heavy as what we have seen in the recent past. however,
and oregon. when his owner could not find him she looked at the bottom of a steep embankment and then call the local fire department for help. chico was hundred and firefighters reached him and he expected to be okay. >> christmas is behind us and now you might be wondering what to do with your christmas tree. in san francisco you can recycle your tree starting january 2nd. for two weeks after that, the city will pick up trees that are left on the curb. all the lights, ornaments and tinsel must be off the tree. >> the trees will be turned into wood chips which will be barred for alternative energy use. san francisco once all this christmas tree recycling program and the county. >> the weather should be pretty nice and we finally will have some sunshine and a chance to dry off. sun that would be the better deck of the week. we will be warming up a few degrees as we head into next week. will have more on your forecast as we return. >> also coming up we will be live on its then with an officer involved shooting. we're also watching the winter storm and the northeast. as far as the snow back
is that high-pressure offshore. that is driving the stormtracker of to the north. rain through oregon, washington is where it will stay for the next several days. as we take a look of the day planner we will continue to see these low clouds. areas of fog with mostly sunny skies expected. temperatures a little bit warmer and for the evening, the fog will make a return to the forecast. out the door tomorrow, temperatures in the 40's and the '50s. they might not get quite this school in the north bay. and we have 42 in napa, 40's and santa rosa fiord and 44 degrees and san jose. mid '50s along the coast. low 60s in the south bay, the 60s in mountain view, and these temperatures are a few degrees warmer than what we saw today. the same for the inland valleys. low 60s for the east bayshore. 59 in alameda and fifty's closer to the coast. a mixture of 50s and 60s for the north bay. as for the sierras, dry conditions for this weekend it will be easy to get up there and back. mostly sunny skies. temperatures in the 20's! a bit chilly, overnight. they looked at your extended forecast with a den
your best bet is to go to embarcadero the oregon expressway traffic is light in the area. you can make your way back to university. as we look at south bay traffic northbound 101 looks good coming out of the coyote valley. but issues for interstate 280. to the east bay all is well for the nimitz freeway no accidents along interstate 580. we are keeping a close eye on your commute coming off of 205 out of tracy. we do not have any backups coming across altamonte pass. >> thank you erica. the u.s. supreme court is scheduled to meet behind closed doors again today to consider reviewing the legal issues regarding same-sex marriage. that includes a challenge to california's controversial proposition 8. if the court refuses to review the proposition 8 case same-sex marriage would be legal in california and same-sex couples to marry as soon as next week. the court also put the case on hold to review the other case is putting off a final decision on the law. the decision could come today or on monday. >> a man is in serious condition this morning, after falling from the upper deck of the oakla
on the shooting in a mall near portland, oregon. >> police said the masked gunmen opened fire identified as jacob tyler roberts appeared that act alone in the rampage. >> here is video from the sting. we also learned that roberts use this semi- automatic rifle that he stole the day before the shooting from someone he knew. robert killed two people and wounded a third before he took his of life. investigators a robbers had no significant criminal history. >> we will be talking with kron fours mike pelton about a pr firm, some spending on caltrans part that is causing problems and ruffling feathers. we will talk about that in a minute. bareback at 4:09. a quick look at our mount tam cam. we are seeing dry conditions and really cold out there. we will check with erica in a bid to get a look at the forecast for today and if you have weak in plant will see what weather google maps have returned to the iphone. >> the world's most popular online map system has returned with the release of the global maps iphone app. >> the new app comes almost treeless after apple replace coleman said the phone built in
they are for the precious called a moment with their kids. >> the mall in oregon and what happened in connecticut it really brings you back to what is important in life. family is really important in life. our hearts go out to them. we chose to spend some time at the iced drink and be with one another during this holiday. >> many parents say things like this remind them of what is most important life, that his family. >> will take a break. 522 a m is a time. here's a look on the james lick freeway. traffic moving fairly well. whether wise we have showers. currently 55 degrees and 7 cisco. it should warm up a few degrees to 58 later this afternoon--san francisco did you get chips for the party? nope. cheese plate? cheese plate...nope. i made something better. ♪ you used the oven? boom ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. we're back with 5:25 a.m.. >> marian news. >> chevron official
to be here with my family i am really blessed and happy. >> i was at a mall in oregon, and a religious brings you back to what is most important allies. family is the most important. my heart goes out to them and i chose to spend some time with my family or his policies in. >> many parents also say that tragedies like this really remind them of what is most important allies and that is family. >> two days after the connecticut school shooting police in swat a deer were back on the streets in newtown fall when a bomb threat at st. rose of lima church. authorities searched the church in nearby buildings and did not find anything suspicious. eight of the youth victims in the shooting attended st. rose of lima church as well as the shooter, adam lanza and his mother. >> connecticut authorities say people are posting and accurate information on social media sides in the wake of the school shouldn't tragedy. they say that there are people who are posing as a shooter, mimicking the crime scene and the criminal activities. federal authorities are taking these issues seriously and will treat them as c
. >> as i brought in view of north oregon getting hammered. also northern california of torture rica. showers not until thursday. before they arrive we are talking cold conditions. >> futurecast 4 tuesday night shows basically clear skies overnight. that will allow to cool things down and really chilly cold conditions. i am talking '30's in some conditions. maybe some 20s. >> wednesday morning we will start to see clouds increase. up toward eureka. the snow level falling low we will see some snow up in the higher elevations. >> wednesday night places like ukiah in the north bay you may see showers arrive. the showers will be in widespread we are talking rain by thursday and friday in it will be brief. the high for today 52 in downtown san francisco. mid fifties for oakland. 53 in redwood city. 53 for pleasanton and concord also. lower fifties for richmond vallejo and napa and the north bay. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows rain for thursday and friday. temperatures will be in the mid '50s by thursday. it is looking very cold conditions starting tonight tomorrow morn
johannesburg home until he fully recovers. >> vicki: forget online dating! a senior citizen in oregon is taking a decidedly low- tech and unconventional approach to finding a wife. ty steele has the story. of humor" >> "ask for what you want, plainly and clearly. if you don't ask you will probably never receive." >> reporter: and spelled out for all to see on a sign he wears around his neck, sandy mcculloch is asking. >> "really i think pretty much the sign says it." wanted: a wife! >> "yea, and i use the term wife because that's what most people would associate to." >> reporter: sandy says he's no stranger to the ladies. >> "i've had a wonderful life, knowing a lot of women." >> reporter: or to marriage. >> "in the first 39 years of my life, i was married three times and divorced three times." >> reporter: but at 82, sandy says he's changed. >> "if i may be so bold as to say so, i've cleaned up my act." >> reporter: and isn't looking for what his 20- year-old self would have wanted in a wife. >> "at this point i'd love to find, if you wish, the perfect companion." >> reporter: sometimes sandy
dating. a senior citizen in oregon is taking a low-tech an unconventional approach to finding a wife. here isty steele story. >> i used the term wife because that is what most people will associated to. he stated that he is no stranger to ladies. >> in the first 39 years of my wife i have been married three times and divorced three times. he is 82 years: he states that he has changed. >> he stated that he is not looking for what his 20 year-old seoul would have won it. sometimes he forgets that he is wearing a sign. >> mccullogh has had quite a life so far. he has written several books, and has a master's degree in zoology. he's been about a decade teaching biology in private colleges and another decade leading support groups for couples considering divorce. the >> >> it is 9:52 a.m.. we will be back in a few minutes. we are talking about the weather in the bay area and how the rain has turned to sun. it is not backing off in rough weather and other areas. here is a live look from indiana and you can see that it is breezy and they have a little bit of snow. it has been tough going f
. it will be ahead of a pretty big storm that is coming this way. it is are ready impacting oregon and washington. we will see it by thursday, friday and saturday. not good news for those planning to travel especially on friday. tonight at 8:00 we are looking at clouds and increasing starting in from the north. the rain chances go up on thursday, especially in the north bay. tomorrow, late afternoon for san rows of myeloma, the yellow is moderate to heavy rain. we have cold air in place and winter storm watch is in place for tahoe for friday and saturday. also ukiah and shasta county. winter storm warning is in effect. we are expecting snowstorms for friday and saturday and those locations headed north or east. you want to make sure you prepare for the weather. today's high is 53 degrees, 54 an oakland 53 in san and sale. 7 day around the bay changes come thursday and friday's but the lows are not as cold. generally '40's and 30's the next couple of mornings not like today. more widespread rain on friday and snow and the mountains. travelers, keep that in mind. saturday we are also looking for shower
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